Assistant Professor, Indian School of Mines (May 2013-present)

International Research Staff, Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Geo-Sciences, Universitat Polit ecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona (Mar-May 2013), European Union fellowship

Visiting Research Staff, Institut Geol ogic de Catalunya (IGC) Barcelona, (Mar-May 2013)

Project Fellow, Dept of Civil Engg., IIT Kanpur (Jan-July 2009)

Managing Partner, Ignited Minds (June 2006-June 2007)

Lecturer, Govt Engineering College Thrissur (Jan-June 2007)


Nature is my University. Then, who are the teachers? Ha ha. Who is not my teacher? (Degrees are just for namesake)

Degree Institute Duration
Ph. D.
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 2009-2012
M.Tech. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 2007-2009
Govt Engineering College, Thrissur 2002-2006
6th to 12th
(Science - PCMBH)
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kasargod 1995-2002
1st to 5th (Schooling) Govt. UP School Nalilamkandam Valiyapoil 1990-1995


  • Science and Technology
  • Civilized Engineering
  • Socio-Cultural activities
  • Research and Teaching
  • Writing and Story telling
  • Elephant climbing, Tree climbing
  • Kalarippayattu (Martial arts), Yoga and Swimming
  • Nature, Folk arts, Music (Classical) and so on...

Wise Words

" उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानम् नात्मानमवसादयेत्
Let a man lift himself by his own Self alone, let him not lower himself."

- BhagavadGita

" Whatever you do. do it with cheerfulness and wholeheartedness! There lies the highest power of manifestation. "

-Swami Vivekananda

" The concern for man and his destiny must be the chief interest of all technical efforts. Never forget this among your equations and diagrams. "

-Albert Einstein