Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Centre@ISM Dhanbad

Department of Civil Engineering



  1. Prof. B C Sarkar (Area of Expertise: Applied Geology)
  2. Dr. S K Panda (Area of Expertise: Structural Dynamics)
  3. Dr. Sreevalsa Kolathayar (Area of Expertise: Engineering Seismology, Seismic Hazard Analysis, Geotechnical Engineering)
  4. Data

    1. Earthquake Catalogue of India (till 2010)
    2. Frequesncy Magnitude Distrinution curves for finer source zones in and around India
    3. Electronic Supplement to "Characterization of Regional Seismic Source Zones in and around India" by Sreevalsa Kolathayar and T. G. Sitharam

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